Hotel Teatro

So I have been working for the past several months on getting 19 pieces together for Hotel Teatro in Denver. I will be the featured artist there from July 8th until September 8th. They are having a reception for me on July 14th at 7 pm. There will be some finger food and a cash bar, come by if you're in town. If your not in town for the reception, but are in Denver this summer go by the hotel and check out my work. They have a great coffee shop and restaurant, as well. The work is all for sale if you're interested in buying a piece. Even if your not just come by and check it out. I would love to meet all of you at the reception and thank you for supporting me and my dream!


LiveEdge Wood Frames

I have started making these Liveedge Hardwood frames for my photography. I have some more in the works this is the first one completed. The picture is of Devil's Thumb in Colorado it it 16 x 20 on Metal Paper which gives the image beautiful depth and clarity. With the frame the total is about 27 x 24 and has wire ready to hang. Below is a short video showing the frame up close and a few pictures. It's hard to get a clear picture without the glass giving a glare. If you are interested in purchasing this one of a kind, signed one-of-one piece of art message or call me. 

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So I have been having a blast lately creating short movies for my YouTube page. Here are a few of the one's I have recently created and you can go to my YouTube page to see more. I try to create short little movies showing the beauty that I see everyday. Sometimes I incorporate the family or projects I'm working on, usually just some view from around.

Physical Work

So I love holding an actual print, canvas, metal or some physical form of art work. That is the whole purpose of my work to create beautiful works of art to hang on walls. Digital is great for instant gratification but there is something magical that happens when you see or hold a physical piece of art. Below are some pictures of some of the art I have created for homes, restaurants, coffee shops and  other businesses. I hope you enjoy if you have any questions please reach out I love to come up with creative ideas for your walls.

Mothers Day

It was a wonderful day for a hike. It was awesome to have a family hike, they don't usually come with me on my adventures. We shot a little video of the journey and I got a few shots to share below. I hope you and enjoy. 

Hail Storm

We had a crazy hail storm move through this afternoon. After the storm was over there were some really cool clouds so I went to get a new shot. I think it came out pretty good! You can see the video of me making it below and the final shot. It was still raining so the video is short I could have my phone or camera getting rained on apparently electronics do not like water;)

I made it out

So I made it out this afternoon and I'm so glad I did. The cloud were very cool just like I thought they might be with the weather pattern we had this weekend. Rain/Snow clouds and cold not the warm side of Spring. I shot a video so you can see the process come along with me. The final edit is below.



So I woke up this morning wanting to go shot some pictures. I knew it was going to be rainy/snowy, but I was hoping there would be some interesting light to go with some cool clouds around the mountains. Instead it was grey and not very interesting. So I decided to take advantage of the beautiful flowers in my yard that have been blooming and make a short video. Here it is! I'm going to try to go out this evening and get something interesting we'll see what happens.

Physical work

I arrived home from work today to my Metal panoramic print I ordered. In this digital age I love physical printed Wall Decor. Especially unique products like the metal print I ordered. For all those Interior Designers and Home Staggers out there all images are available If you would like to order a print message me and let me know. There are lots of options available and the price is determined on the actual product and size.

Fun with the Camera

So I had a happy accident which gave me an idea. I was shooting a small wave on the rapids in the mountains. I was shooting it really tight and experimenting with long exposure to soften the water. This works great when your not zoomed in tight. When I was looking at the image I noticed it was blurry, but it looked really cool almost like an oil painting or water color. So I set out to do a series with this in mind to create a Painting vibe with my camera. Below are a few of the images I created. I only used LIghtroom in post production I really like how they came out. 

The Tunnel

It's not hard when it's your thing

There are a few really cool, inspiring people I follow on Social media who really kill it at their thing. The one theme that most of the successful people I follow and know say is it takes HARD WORK and HUSTLE to accomplish your dream. I also saw a clip from Ashton Kutcher that said success looks a lot like hard work. While I agree 100% with them that it takes hard work and hustle. I believe when it's your thing it's not hard work. I spent a few months in a third world country living in a mud hut, those people work hard and have hustle. I spent the last 10 years working meaningless (to me) jobs and at times 2 or 3 jobs to take care of my family and put food on the table. I know thousands of creatives out there flipping burgers to pay the bills... That's hard work! Being able to do that thing that makes you tick, whatever it is, to me is not hard's LIFE giving. Waking up a 5 in the morning on a freezing cold day to trudge threw the snow to get that shot man that is life giving to me and I think the other creatives out there doing their thing. While I get the point these people are making, it doesn't come "easy" I think when it's your thing it's "easy" to do. If the thing your doing feels like hard work than maybe it's not your thing. When your searching for your inner voice some things look really attractive from the outside until you get into the thick of it and realize it is "work". When it's your thing you'll do whatever it takes to do it, if not find something else that doesn't feel like "work" and do it...success will follow eventually.


So It's Valentines Day

I am blessed, every day I get to wake up next to the most amazing woman, wife and mother. She allows me to be who I am, she loves and supports me in every way. I come up with crazy ideas of what I want to create or my next big idea and she always smiles and supports me. Not only does she support me, but she is one of the most talented creative people I know. Watching her create inspires me to create more. She doesn't know she's a genius, but she is, I hope one day she realizes it! We have three beautiful boys and watching how she loves her babies is amazing. I didn't think it was possible to love how she loves me and those babies. I'm excited about our future and waking up tomorrow to see you again. Happy Valentines Day everyone. Here's to your's current and the one's you don't yet know.


That inner voice

I see a lot of people searching for validation in the photography world, I suppose it happens in most parts of life. Photographers seeking out professionals to do "critiques" of their work desperate for validation. Here is my take on critiques and validation. Follow that little voice in your heart! You are who you are, unique and individual, no one see's the world like you! So why would you desperately reach out to someone else with their own vision to approve of your work. Quite your mind and listen to that voice and follow your heart and you won't go wrong. The more you listen the better you'll hear. When you go back a look at a body of work you will be able to see what was shot when you were hearing what's in your heart and what was shot trying to please a critique from someone else. Don't get me wrong I'm not criticizing those who critique work and this can give you an idea of how your coming along with your techniques. But, remember those who are innovators are usually those breaking the rules of technique. What if Dylan sought or listened to critiques, think of all the beautiful songs he's written that wouldn't be here. When people first heard his music you think they thought it fit? I doubt it, so don't fit! LISTEN!!! You have brilliance inside you, listen and follow your inner voice. It takes some practice, you'll know if  what you produced is what your were looking for. It's okay to screw up. Have FUN,  experiment...shoot...A LOT and  let those telling you how you "should" shoot listen to their own voice and create their own magic.

I'm Back

I have spent the last year really working on me personally. I have a clear vision for where I want to go and the images I want to create. Living in a place like Colorado there is beauty everywhere we look. When we take the time to look around and appreciate life. I like to capture images in how I see the world. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work, I hope you enjoy.