That inner voice

I see a lot of people searching for validation in the photography world, I suppose it happens in most parts of life. Photographers seeking out professionals to do "critiques" of their work desperate for validation. Here is my take on critiques and validation. Follow that little voice in your heart! You are who you are, unique and individual, no one see's the world like you! So why would you desperately reach out to someone else with their own vision to approve of your work. Quite your mind and listen to that voice and follow your heart and you won't go wrong. The more you listen the better you'll hear. When you go back a look at a body of work you will be able to see what was shot when you were hearing what's in your heart and what was shot trying to please a critique from someone else. Don't get me wrong I'm not criticizing those who critique work and this can give you an idea of how your coming along with your techniques. But, remember those who are innovators are usually those breaking the rules of technique. What if Dylan sought or listened to critiques, think of all the beautiful songs he's written that wouldn't be here. When people first heard his music you think they thought it fit? I doubt it, so don't fit! LISTEN!!! You have brilliance inside you, listen and follow your inner voice. It takes some practice, you'll know if  what you produced is what your were looking for. It's okay to screw up. Have FUN,  experiment...shoot...A LOT and  let those telling you how you "should" shoot listen to their own voice and create their own magic.