It's not hard when it's your thing

There are a few really cool, inspiring people I follow on Social media who really kill it at their thing. The one theme that most of the successful people I follow and know say is it takes HARD WORK and HUSTLE to accomplish your dream. I also saw a clip from Ashton Kutcher that said success looks a lot like hard work. While I agree 100% with them that it takes hard work and hustle. I believe when it's your thing it's not hard work. I spent a few months in a third world country living in a mud hut, those people work hard and have hustle. I spent the last 10 years working meaningless (to me) jobs and at times 2 or 3 jobs to take care of my family and put food on the table. I know thousands of creatives out there flipping burgers to pay the bills... That's hard work! Being able to do that thing that makes you tick, whatever it is, to me is not hard's LIFE giving. Waking up a 5 in the morning on a freezing cold day to trudge threw the snow to get that shot man that is life giving to me and I think the other creatives out there doing their thing. While I get the point these people are making, it doesn't come "easy" I think when it's your thing it's "easy" to do. If the thing your doing feels like hard work than maybe it's not your thing. When your searching for your inner voice some things look really attractive from the outside until you get into the thick of it and realize it is "work". When it's your thing you'll do whatever it takes to do it, if not find something else that doesn't feel like "work" and do it...success will follow eventually.